GetBlok Farmers' Market

Enjoy our selection of over 190 produce items, including lettuce, leafy greens, roots, herbs, and flowers. Freshly grown locally with unmistakable taste and quality. All items are organically grown in our controlled environment hydroponic urban farm in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. Don't see something you'd need? contact us and we can grow it for you!

Alkindus Butterhead

Alkindus leaves are slightly savoyed around a flavorful, beautiful delicate head. This beautiful soft butterhead lettuce has cabernet-colored wrapping leaves that swirl into an attractive head with a brilliant green heart.
$2.97/ Head

Arugula (Astro)

Astro has dense clusters of tender leaves that are less lobed and more straight compared to your standard arugula varieties. Its mild, nutty, peppery flavor adds depth and sophistication to any salad, sandwich, soups, pasta, and on pizza. Container is approximately 2 ounces.
$1.22/ Ounce

Arugula (Standard)

Arugula is mild, nutty, peppery flavor adds depth and sophistication to any salad, sandwich, soups, pasta, and on pizza. Container is approximately 2 ounces.
$1.19/ Ounce

Arugula (Wasabi)

EXCLUSIVE - Wasabi has a subtly sweet, spicy, and nutty flavor. Both leaves and flowers are used in salads, sandwiches, sushi, pasta and barbecue. Raw or cooked, the whole plant or individual piquant leaves are a zesty accent to everyday meals. Container is approximately 2 ounces.
$1.78/ Ounce

Black Magic Kale

Black Magic is a delicious dinosaur (lacinato) kale with long narrow leaves and a deep blue-green color. The flavor is mild, making this kale a tasty addition to soups, salads, and stir-fry. Bunches are approximately 5 ounces.
$6.56/ Bunch

Bright Lights Swiss Chard

Bright Lights have a crisp, delicate, celery-like flavor. They vary in color from red, orange, yellow and green. The leaves are often used like spinach and when left raw, impart a beet-like flavor. Bunches are approximately 5 ounces.
$1.88/ Bunch

Calypso Cilantro

Calypso Cilantro has a strong scent and includes a citrusy flavor and is perfect served fresh. Cilantro is known to have high levels of vitamins and a good compliment to most dishes. Bunch is approximately 2.5 ounces.
$2.81/ Bunch

Common Sage

Common Sage has a slightly sweet, grassy, herbal taste with bitter and citrus notes. Described as tart, refreshing with a pungent earthy aroma with hints of mint and eucalyptus or piney taste with peppery notes.
$6.00/ Ounce

Fusion Green Romaine

Fusion is a cross between leaf and romaine lettuce, having the best qualities of both.
$3.82/ Head

Giant of Italy Parsley

EXCLUSIVE! Deliciously different, Giant of Italy has exceptionally large, flat glossy leaves whose sweet and mellow flavor will win your taste buds applause. It is known for its fine full flavor, without any hint of harsh metallic overtones. Bunch is approximately 2.5 ounces.
$2.81/ Bunch

Greek Oregano

Greek Oregano is a slightly spicy herb with an earthy flavor. Native to dry rocky mountainous regions in the Mediterranean, it is commonly used as a seasoning for pizza, sauces, meats, and salads.
$6.00/ Ounce

Green Star Leaf

Green Star has glossy, bright green leaves. Flavor is sweet and juicy.
$1.67/ Head

Primed Rosemary

Primary Rosemary has a very pronounced lemon-pine flavor, yet it is also woodsy and peppery at the same time. The aroma is tea-like, with a fragrance similar to charred wood that makes it extremely compatible with barbecued dishes.
$6.00/ Ounce

Purple Radish

EXCLUSIVE! Purple Radish has a oval, unique, dark purple flesh. Large tops and a remarkably tangy, delicious taste. Great for pickling, fermenting, or winter salads. Sold in approx. 5 ounce bunches.
$2.50/ Bunch

Rouxai Oakleaf

Rouxai has a striking red color. Its lobed leaves are an attractive, deep cherry-red with great flavor and leaf texture. A bright green interior makes a stunning contrast.
$6.79/ Head

Rover Radishes

Rover is a classic red radish. Did you know that you can saute or roast radishes? The process of cooking causes the radishes lose a bit of their spiciness for a much mellower flavor. Sold in approx. Bunches are approximately 5 ounces.
$2.25/ Bunch

Scarlet Kale

Scarlets dark red color is blended with a blue-green background towards the center of the leaf. Due to the red coloration, it is extremely nutritious and full of vitamins and antioxidants. Bunches are approximately 5 ounces.
$1.41/ Bunch

Winter Thyme

Winter Thyme is a member of the mint family and has a strong, pungent flavor that is perfect for use in cooking and often in teas.
$6.00/ Ounce

Adriana Butterhead

Adriana is a dark green with a buttery, full, and dense head with a good flavor.
$3.00/ Head
Out of Stock

Aerostar (Pensacola) Romaine

Pensacola has robust, spoon-shaped leaves that narrow at the base with slightly serrated edges. It has a crisp, succulent, and crunchy feel with a mild, slightly bitter taste that is typical of romaines.
$3.00/ Head
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